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, BPA-free, very strong & tearproof approx. 150µm, boil-proof, Sous Vide suitable, reusable, suitable for foil welding machines

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Size:16×23 cm

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Size: 16×23 cm

Product description

CASO professional films for your vacuum sealer: 6-star quality for long-lasting freshness
and natural storage without preservatives in your food

  • So that everything stays fresh and tightly closed for a long time, the quality of the vacuum films is
    particularly important. The special CASO vacuum films are
    provided with a rib structure for an optimal and even vacuum. Vitamins and minerals are retained.
  • The material of the CASO professional films is BPA-free and very strong & tear-resistant (material thickness approx. 160 µm).
    This prevents the piercing of pointed objects such as bones or bones.
  • The CASO professional films are suitable for use in the microwave (up to max. 70 ° C).
    Our tip: Cut off a corner of the vacuum bag so that the
    water vapor generated during heating can escape. In addition, the CASO professional films are
    boil -proof (in water at 100 ° C for a maximum of 4 hours) and suitable for “SousVide” cooking.
  • In addition to the many uses, the CASO professional films also offer the option of
    storing your food optimally and for a long time, e.g. in the freezer.
    Of course, not only fresh food can be vacuumed: frozen food is protected against freezer burn and loss of aroma.
  • The CASO professional films are dishwasher safe and reusable and suitable for all beam vacuum sealers from CASO Germany and also for the brands: Ellrona, Rommelsbacher,
    LAICA, Gastroback, Foodsaver, Genio, Solis and much more
  • Simply enjoy longer and cook larger amounts consciously.
    This saves preparation time and cash an

    example of a vacuuming process

  • 1. Put the food in the foil pouch.
  • 2. Clean and smooth the open end of the bag. Make sure the
    open end is fully and smoothly placed in the vacuum chamber.
  • 3. Close the lid and press it down firmly on both sides.
  • 4. Start the vacuuming process. The bag is
    automatically sealed after vacuuming .
  • 5. After this process, press the two release buttons
  • Application
    tip : welding and vacuuming film rolls or bags that are wider than your device:

    weld one side at an angle. Then
    cut offthe excess film over the obliqueweld seam and vacuum and seal the rest of the film as usual.

    Set contains:


    Manufacturer’s product description


    Save Food – Keep your food fresh up to 8 times longer!

    Your food will last much longer under vacuum – naturally without preservatives. Start the freshness offensive and vacuum seal meat, fruit, vegetables, pastries and much more. Valuable aromas, vitamins and minerals are preserved. The stable rib structure of the CASO film bags / rolls ensures 100% tightness.


    Fill, weld and store safely.

    Bulk shopping, small portioning and safe storage under vacuum – thanks to the tough foil bags from CASO, you not only get the quality and freshness of your food, but also save a lot of space in the fridge, freezer or kitchen cabinet. With a material thickness of 150 μm, the bags are particularly strong and tear-resistant. The versatile vacuum bags / rolls are also suitable for the microwave, dishwasher-safe, suitable for freezing and reusable.


    Food Manager Sticker & App – easy organization and storage of your food.

    Manage your food and supplies in the fridge, freezer or kitchen cabinet more sustainably and keep track of your purchases with the help of the CASO Food Manager stickers! The included stickers can be labeled as you wish. In addition, you always have the option of keeping an overview of your food with the CASO Food Manager app and will be informed promptly if food should be consumed promptly due to its shelf life. The app is available free of charge for IOS and Android.


    Suitable for sous vide – simple, healthy & precise

    The CASO film bags / rolls are boil-proof up to 100 ° C and are ideal for sous vide cooking under vacuum. The sous vide process means healthy and particularly gentle cooking at low temperatures. Due to the preparation in a vacuum bag and the slow and even heating, aromas, vitamins and important minerals are preserved during the preparation.






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