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  • QUALITY – ladle foam trowel perforated trowel trowel perforated trowel trowel trowel high-gloss stainless steel 50 cm volume 450 ml – bowl diameter 12 cm for straining potato dumplings – scoop ladle
  • SCOPE OF DELIVERY: You will receive a high-quality holistic trowel made entirely of stainless steel as is traditionally used for straining potato dumplings in catering quality
  • CLASSIC: You can easily expand your kitchen helpers with this dumpling ladle made of shiny stainless steel, let your creativity run free – this sieve ladle is variable and has a ladle Ø of 12 cm
  • HYGIENIC: The high-quality design makes it easy to clean this perforated trowel and, of course, it is dishwasher-safe – made entirely of stainless steel – without welds
  • EASY TO USE: This practical dumpling ladle has a length of 50 cm, it makes it very easy and easy to strain potato dumplings, of course you can also strain broths or soups

Product descriptions

Kitchen gadgets from the series Kerafactum – ladle skimmer ladle punched Klosskelle perforated ladle slotted spoon Kloßlöffel high-gloss stainless steel 50 cm Volume 450 ml – Kelle diameter 12 cm from the strain of potato dumplings

, domestic helpers LINE by Kerafactum , offers your quality, as well as the ease of handling and Assembly.
This ladle makes it easy to strain pasta or dumplings and guarantees that you are ready to prepare food.
This little helper also has space in every little drawer to be quickly at hand in the event of an emergency.
You get this practical dumpling trowel in the Ø 12 cm variant with a total length of 50 cm made of high-quality stainless steel
Let us convince you of our advantages.

This perforated trowel for Knöpfle, noodles, dumplings and spaetzle is made of stainless steel in a TOP processing quality with perforation for easy handling.
This trowel complements your range of cooking accessories imens.
This ladle can be used as a strainer for various foods.
The quality of the Klosslöffel is absolutely user-friendly and very easy to handle with a volume of 450 ml.

Because everyday life should be fun for us, that is our maxim.
What we experience every day is varied and varied.
The Kerafactum brand offers you the right household and serving items in an appealing and timelessly beautiful design.

The shapely and durable quality product in the elegant, stylish stainless steel version makes the items dimensionally stable,
durable and a valuable household utensil.
But thousands of items sold are proof of our high demands on design and functionality.
Quality and safety are the top priorities in our company and this also at an international level.

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